How I Created this Awesome Website

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  1. Passion
  2. Time
  3. Focus
  4. and ya github account too.

Why I chose Jekyll & Github pages. Its a preety long awesome story. Find it here - Why I chose jekyll & Github pages

Read more about Jekyll & Github pages

I am going to give you all resources that I used and followed for creating this website. There documentations are great and simple with examples and code snippets.

  1. The theme I used is Minimal Mistakes. I chose this theme because it is highly configurable. You can edit a lot of things in this theme. Documentation is preety good and also it’s supported by github pages. Some themes should be compiled into static pages first and then pushed to the respository. But this theme is compiled by github pages using there own jekyll and directly render the static pages.

  2. This quick start guide will set you up with basic site very quickly.

  3. Now you can change most of the things using _config.yml file.

  4. Writing posts is very easy, as easy as creating a file in _posts folder with post date and name. All the configuration like generating html from markdown, creating links to the posts, etc. is handled very cleanly by jekyll.

  5. Creating navigation pages is also very easy, changing _data/navigation.yml adds new navigation link to your navigation header.

  6. Also CONTACT page I used html file instead of markdown, to add div and custom style classes for form.

Technologies used -

Time Required - 2 days (At max, given 5 hours daily) i.e. 10 hours

Feel free to contact me, if you are stuck anywhere, Will be happy to help. BTW everything is available online. If you don’t get online then probably I would also be not able to help.

Look at github issues in Minimal Mistakes respository for some tricky parts.

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