What every software developer wants?

  • Professionally
    • Advance in their carriers
    • Learn new things daily
    • Learn best practices
    • Working on cutting-edge technology
  • Personally
    • Flexible working hours
    • Time to learn and grow
    • Comfortable work environment
    • Offcourse no long commutes to work

And top of that Just to put on their headphones and CODE.

This is what Toptal gives you.

Toptal connects the top 3% of the developers in each field who works for companies like Airbnb, J.P.Morgan, Emirates to name a few. So these developers are no doubt the best in the industry and have an in-depth knowledge of their fields. They know the tips and tricks that any developer gains with experience only. They know how to design a large scale enterprise application that can scale to millions and billions of requests.

Working under these protagonists and having such person by your side is just a dream come true.

I’ve been developing applications for the past 3 years and have worked on various projects. In most of the projects I started developing features in an already mature project. And most of the time I found A Big Ball of Mud. As a developer, I always follow the quote “Leave the code better than you found it”, so now my long over-night journey of refactoring and restructuring begins with feature sprints side-by-side.

A lot of the things like Modular designs and Architectural patterns, I came to learn about because of Toptal. There great quality blog posts are from experienced developers. They make time to share their great experiences with others, is the proof that Toptal is a great place to work.

I am applying to join the Mobile app developers group at Toptal because where to better learn the tricks of the trade other than the best in the industry. It’s happened a lot of the time that when I am stuck on a problem whether architecture side or performance side, I would find a blog post in Toptal with exactly the same problem and with a solution containing an in-depth review of the tradeoffs and alternatives for the solution. And thanks to Toptal, I can know exactly why and how that problem arose and how to solve it.

So if you want to learn from the best and work for the best, Toptal is the right place for you.

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